University City Yoga
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say,
and what you do are in harmony."
-- Mahatma Gandhi


Stephen Fisher





Weekly Classes

    Forrest Yoga is a strong practice in a safe and supportive environment. Through asanas and breath work limits are tested and physical/emotional transformations cultivated.

    Forrest Yoga classes are currently suspended. Please check back soon for an updated class schedule.


Private Instruction

    Stephen is currently offering 1 hour private sessions. These sessions are open to anyone who's attended at least a few of Stephen's Forrest yoga classes. Private sessions are a great way to go deeper into a specific pose or set of poses. They are also a good place to explore and better understand physical limitations that might be specific to your body. Unlike a class which is structured around a predesigned sequence, private sessions are unscripted allowing for the focus to be on a specific issue or challenge. If you're interested in scheduling a private session or have questions about private sessions, please email me.


"Stephen's private sessions are a great compliment to his group sessions. He balances your requests and goals with his own identification of challenges in your practice very nicely. He then offers methods you can use to work through them in order to improve your practice, which has helped me greatly." -- Caitlin, urban planner and cycling advocate

"I came to Stephen for a private yoga session after having attended his Forrest yoga classes for 6 years at Studio 34. I have been to other classes at many studios under various teachers and have been doing yoga for 13 years. I have always been struck by his particular method of teaching and assisting because it offers a detail-oriented, concise, intensely embodied way of approaching even the simplest poses. The way he teaches is accessible to any yoga practitioner, no matter their level or past experience. I wanted to take a private session with him on order to learn more about how my alignment, imbalances and tight hips were impacting the health of my knees and lower back after years of running in high school and college. He was able to spot muscles I wasn't using and areas of tightness I was avoiding in my yoga practice and I left his studio feeling relaxed, strong and empowered with new knowledge and tools I can utilize when I practice on my own.
Forrest can be an emotionally and physically challenging school of yoga and I have always been grateful for Stephen's talent in creating a safe space for this while simultaneously offering intuitive, thorough and creative hands-on assists that enrich the process. I would recommend him highly to others for group or private instruction." -- Fatima, yoga and fitness instructor

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